Around the house

Surrounding our country home we farm five hectares of agricultural land in close communion with nature. For us that means managing our forest in a sustainable way, pasture feeding in the meadows, cultivating orchards, exploiting refined as well as wild fruits, heating our outdoor-pool with solar energy and offering you a charging station for a climate-neutral arrival.

Garden & Pool

Get away from your daily routine and enjoy our garden. Recharge your batteries at the pool area and get ready for the next trip to one of the master workshops in Vulkanland, Styria. Swinging in one of our hammocks relaxes. Weather permiting, the garden is open from end of April until end of October.

Orchard & Grape vine trellis

Each spring, when our garden awakens, we feel like bathing in a sea of blossoms. It looks great and during summer our plants provide shade. We grow herbs, old strains, vegetables and fruits next to each other. The different trees on our orchard as well as the vine trelllis each year supply us with a rich harvest. During winter viewing our garden inspires us to new ideas for next spring.


The building adjoining the holiday home houses a parlour for well-being. Sauna, jetted tub for a herbal bath, massage table, solarium. Cosy bath robes are available at your room. If you sign in at the provided list, you may use the parlour for up to two hours per day exclusively.