Culinary pleasures

Take your time to consciously enjoy the taste of fresh food during your holidays. The raw products prcoessed in our kitchen are harvested in our own garden and are delivered by neighbours as well as farms in the near surroundings.


No matter if during winter in the old press or in summer on the shadowed terrace: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Carefully we choose what to use for our Vulkanland-breakfast: Homemade delicacies from the Sonnenhouse manufactory, fresh baked goods from the bakery workshop, regional milk products, fruits from our own orchards, free-range eggs. We enhance the regional assortment with teas from Sonnentor and Fairtrade coffee. (Breakfast is included if staying in our suites. If requested we also serve it for overnight stays in apartments. Price/Person: € 10,00)

Cooking in our apartments

Our apartments offer fully equipped kitchen units for cooking together during your holidays. Culinary delicacies you’ve come across during your trips you may prepare here with lots of time and muse. The region offers various tastes when served on a plate. Discover ingredients on the weekly farmers market in Feldbach. Visit the producers at home and take a look inside their manufactories. Facilities: Hobs with two or four cooktops, dishwasher, fridge, oven, coffee machine, cutlery and plates, kitchen utensils and kitchen linens.


Dining outside is a great experience. For our guests we fill selfmade Buckl-Kraxn with various delicacies. For a cosy break during a winter hike we surprise you with hot content. And of course we’ll include a map with recommended picnic-places on your route. More on our picnic blog.


A different form of dining outside: There is a charcoal-grill in our garden, which invites you to prepare your own culinary journey. Charcoal, igniters and special grill-cutlery is available at the Sonnenhaus. For food we recommend steaks and sausages from our butcher. Prepare whatever you like, the way you like it.

Sonnenhaus manufactory

Homemade delicacies from products harvested in our garden.



Apple, lavendula, crimson beebalm, grape, elder flower,...



Breads, rolls, loafs and all sorts of baked goods from the neighbouring baking workshop Winkler.



Curd as basic ingredient and vegetables, pumpkin seeds or free-range eggs to refine the taste.