Our house

Holidays at Sonnenhaus Grandl are holidays in a special surrounding. A revitalised romantic cottage dating back to 1823. The restructured farmhouse is surrounded by green meadows and orchards, equipped with natural solid wooden furniture. The thick walls reduce radiation in a natural way – enjoy the luxury of being offline during your time out.

Where we live

No matter if you take a look at the rounded, wooded hill tops that are typical for this area, the castle rock Riegersburg or the highest elevation of the region, the Stradner Kogel: you’ll notice visible signs of extincted volcanoes everywhere. Pleasant side effect: In the near surroundigs no less than six hot thermal baths are located. For sure you’ll find your personal favourite among them.


We could write about lots of stories and memories regarding the Sonnenhaus, but we prefer to tell you about them personally during your time here. Beforehand just this much: The name is derived from the sun-kissed location on a hill top in the center of Vulkanland Styria. The quiet gem is owned by our family since 1860. What started out as a traditional mixed farm, after loving revitalisation houses a place for holidays since 1999.